8 Warnings For Future Puppy Owners

Growing up I always wanted a dog. In the summertime I remember watching dog shows on Animal Planet every afternoon and wanting to go to my friends’ houses who had dogs, not to play with my friends, but mostly to play with their dogs. My family never got a dog because my sister is allergic … Read more

Saturdays Are For The Golden Boys (23 Photos)

saturdays are for the golden boys

You may have heard that Saturdays are for the boys, which is true. But it’s only half the story. Everybody who’s anybody knows that Saturdays are for the Golden Boys, and we’re bringing you 21 Golden Boys who know how it’s done. Enjoy! #SAFTGB Moby and Moby bro’ing out with the same name.   View … Read more

16 Perfect Gifts For Golden Retriever Dads

gifts for golden retriever dads

Golden retriever dads deserve our utmost love and respect. And they also deserve gifts! Since you know their golden is their best friend, you can’t go wrong with a golden retriever themed gift. So we put together this ultimate gift guide for the golden retriever dad in your life (golden dads you can buy one … Read more