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Does Your Puppy Have Retained Puppy Teeth?

retained puppy teeth

Has your puppy started losing their teeth yet?

It starts when they’re about four months old, and it goes by quick!

I couldn’t wait for my puppy, Oliver, to lose his canines because they were so sharp and he was a mouthy pup.

I vividly remember celebrating when he lost his first one.

I celebrated again when he lost his second and was looking forward to the next two coming out.

But it never happened.

His adult canines started coming in and pretty soon he had six canines instead of four!

Here I was looking for fewer teeth and instead, he got 50% more.

I was feeling cheated…

I sent the picture to my vet asking him what to do and he told me that these were deciduous teeth, or retained puppy teeth, and they required surgical removal.

Dr. Catherine on Retained Puppy Teeth [VIDEO]

What To Do About Retained Puppy Teeth

Before I asked my vet about Oliver’s retained puppy teeth, I had been playing lots of tug with him, hoping that would help them come out.

Little did I know, that wasn’t going to happen.

The vet told me that once the adult teeth start coming in around them, they will only come out with surgery.

Thankfully, it was a quick and easy surgery and Oliver was back to his normal crazy self in no time.


If your puppy’s adult teeth are coming in alongside their puppy teeth, let your vet know as soon as possible.

Retained puppy teeth can cause problems such as infections if they’re not taken care of.

Has your puppy started losing their teeth yet?

Have you experienced retained puppy teeth?

Let us know your experiences down in the comments!

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Disclaimer: we are not veterinarians and this article is not a replacement for veterinary care. Please call your veterinarian for help.

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