2021 Golden Retriever Owners Report

2021 golden retriever owners report

The results of the 2021 Golden Retriever Owners Report are in! If you’ve ever wanted to know: “What do other people feed their golden retriever?” Or, “What’s the best vacuum to clean up all the golden retriever hair?” Or, “Should I enroll my pup in a puppy training class?” Then you’re going to love this! … Read more

6-Month-Old Golden Retrievers: Size, Training, Biting, & Behaviors

6 month old golden retriever

6-month-old golden retrievers are so cute! They’re little gangly, furry teenagers who love to play and have fun. But they can also be a handful! They’re boisterous, rebellious, have tons of energy, and haven’t quite yet learned wrong from right. To help you understand and appreciate your 6-month old golden retriever, and to set them … Read more

English vs. American Golden Retrievers (Differences, Similarities & More)

english vs american golden retriever

Wondering about the differences between English vs. American golden retrievers? Here’s the truth: they’re both golden retrievers that descended from the same original golden retrievers over 150 years ago. However, since then a few different styles of goldens have evolved in different regions, largely depending on what the goldens were bred for. Within these styles … Read more

Is A Golden Retriever Right For Me? [Quiz]

golden retriever right for me

Want to know if a golden retriever is the right breed for you? That’s a great question to ask yourself because, although they’re great dogs, they’re certainly not for everyone. And it would be much worse to find out that a golden retriever was the wrong dog for you after you got one. So this … Read more