5 Best Vacuums For Golden Retriever Hair In 2021 Ranked By Popularity

best vacuum for golden retriever hair

With so many different vacuums out there, it’s tough to choose the right one for you, your floors, your budget, and your Golden Retriever’s hair. If you ask people on Facebook what their favorite vacuum is, everyone is going to have a totally different answer. So to cut through all the noise and actually find … Read more

10 Best Treats For Golden Retrievers in 2021 (For Training & Puppies)

best treats for golden retrievers

Want to know what the best treats for your Golden Retriever are? Most Goldens are total chowhounds and will happily eat just about anything… But that doesn’t mean just any treat is good for your pup. And with so many treat options out there, it can be hard to know which ones are good for … Read more

5 Best Harnesses For Golden Retrievers In 2021 (For Pulling & Safety)

best harness for golden retriever

Looking for the best harness to get for your golden retriever? A harness can be a great option for walking your Golden Retriever because they’re safe, can prevent pulling, and are handy for adventures. But choosing the right harness for your dog can be a bit overwhelming since there are so many different brands and … Read more

2021 Golden Retriever Owners Report

2021 golden retriever owners report

The results of the 2021 Golden Retriever Owners Report are in! If you’ve ever wanted to know: “What do other people feed their golden retriever?” Or, “What’s the best vacuum to clean up all the golden retriever hair?” Or, “Should I enroll my pup in a puppy training class?” Then you’re going to love this! … Read more

Best Brushes For Golden Retrievers (And Which Ones To AVOID)

best brushes for golden retriever

Looking for the best brushes for your golden retriever? This is an important question since not all brushes are created equal. Some brushes are great for golden retriever coats, some are ineffective on their coats, and some are potentially damaging to their coats. In this article, you’ll learn: The two best brushes for golden retrievers … Read more