Golden Retriever Puppy Supplies Checklist (2023)

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Below is a checklist of all the supplies you’ll need for your new Golden Retriever puppy.

It includes the obvious items, like a leash and collar, but also some items you might not have thought of (but will make life a lot easier).

And after this list, there are also some tips for how to get your puppy started off on the right foot.

Let’s dive in!


dog leash

There are many different leashes to choose from, but we’ve enjoyed this one because of the comfortable handle.

Check it out on Amazon here.


golden retriever puppy collar

Most younger puppies will need a size small collar, although they will quickly grow into the next size up.

Check it out on Amazon here.


Most golden retriever owners (us included) go with the 42-inch crate.

We recommend this one because it has a divider, which will help your small puppy feel comfortable in it (and help ensure she doesn’t pee in it), and can be broken down quickly.

Check it out on Amazon here.


dog bed

Make sure that whatever size crate you get, you get the same size bed.

Plus, your puppy may chew, pee or poop on the bed, so you may want to wait until they’re a bit older to splurge on a nice dog bed.

You can check this bed out on Amazon here.


These PureBites treats are perfect for puppies with sensitive tummies because they’re just one ingredient: chicken breast.

They have no fillers or artificial colors.

You can get these from Amazon here.

Food & Water Bowls

puppy food bowl

The food bowl will likely be your new puppy’s favorite item.

Check them out on Amazon here.


golden retriever puppy food

It’s best to start your puppy out on what the breeder was feeding him, but if you feel like you want to make a change, just make sure to choose a food meant for large breed puppies.

Check out Royal Canin’s Golden Retriever Puppy Food on Amazon.

To learn more about what to feed your golden retriever puppy, check out this article here.

Nail Clippers

golden retriever puppy nail clippers

You’ll be surprised at how sharp your puppy’s nails are, plus it’s good to get them used to getting their nails clipped as a puppy so they have no problems when they’re bigger and stronger.

Check these clippers out on Amazon.


golden retriever puppy brush

Golden retrievers are obviously very fluffy and need to be brushed often.

Like the other grooming items in this list, it’s best to get them used to it early.

Check this brush out on Amazon here.

Puppy Shampoo

Like clipping their nails, it’s important to get puppies used to bath time when they’re young so that they have no issues when they’re older.

Check out this shampoo on Amazon here.

Pee Cleaner

golden retriever puppy pee cleaner

You’ll most likely be using this item a lot.

It’s important to use a cleaner that removes odors because if your puppy smells his pee on the carpet, he’ll keep going in the same spot.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Poop Bags

golden retriever puppy poop bag

We mostly use plastic bags from the grocery store, but the bag dispenser in this pack has been convenient for when we’re on the go.

Check these out on Amazon here.


There’s nothing like giving your puppy a new toy and watching her play with it.

Check out this post for the best toys for golden retriever puppies and how they help with training, but we’ve gone ahead and listed one of each type of toy below.

Chew Toy

This was by far Oliver’s favorite toy as a puppy and is perfect for teething puppies.

Check it out on Chewy here (he had the size small).

Plush Toy

This is a plush, squeaky toy that will keep your puppy busy for hours.

It’s also one of the most durable plush toys we’ve found (and we’ve tried a lot!).

Check it out on Amazon here.

Interactive Toy

golden retriever puppy rope toy

Interactive toys allow you to play and bond with your puppy, and are great for teaching or reinforcing commands like drop it, sit and stay.

Check it out on Amazon here.

Bonus Items

The above list is for the bare necessities of what your puppy will need to get started.

Below are some extra things that, although are not necessary, have come in pretty handy.

Paw Wipes

Oliver has a knack for stepping in poop, whether it be his own or a neighbor dog’s, so, unfortunately, we’ve used these quite often.

Check them out on Amazon here.

Food Storage Container

golden retriever puppy food storage container

This is great for keeping food fresh and in a convenient place.

Since we get the 25-pound bag of food, we get this container that holds 42 pounds of food.

Note that this container does not come with a scooper, so we recommend one like this that has measurements on it.

Check out the storage container on Amazon here.

Exercise Pen

Exercise pens are great for confining your puppy to a smaller area while giving them more space to run around in than a crate.

Get this exercise pen from Amazon here.

Baby Gate

Baby gates are perfect for restricting access to rooms and/or stairs.

Using a combination of baby gates, exercise pens, and the crate will help you keep them safe while also keeping them from chewing up the house.

Get this baby gate from Amazon here.

Golden Retriever Puppy Handbook

golden retriever puppy handbook

Getting everything you need will help you physically prepare for your puppy, but you also need to mentally prepare for your puppy.

This book will help you know exactly what to do before you bring your puppy home, how to handle the first month (which is the toughest month!), and how to handle the common problem behaviors you’re likely to run into.

Get the Golden Retriever Puppy Handbook here.

How To Prepare For Your New Puppy

Here’s a sneak preview from the Golden Retriever Puppy Handbook about 6 things you need to do to prepare for your new puppy:

  1. Get everything you need. The fact that you’re reading this list tells me you’ve got a head start on this step!
  2. Have all of your pup’s items ready to go. That means get their crate set up, have their food and water bowls in their designated places, and have a few welcome home toys set out to help your new pup have a great experience in your home right away.
  3. Find a veterinarian. You’ll want to make an appointment beforehand so that you can get your new puppy in, make sure they’re healthy, and started on the right foot with vaccinations, flea and heartworm prevention medicine, etc.
  4. Locate the nearest emergency animal hospital. This isn’t a fun step, but if there’s ever an emergency, you’ll be glad you did it. Find both the nearest hospital, and the nearest 24 hour hospital.
  5. Find a puppy kindergarten class. If you ask any trainer, breeder, or veterinarian how to have a well-behaved pup, nearly all of them will recommend joining a puppy kindergarten class. The socialization aspect alone is worth it.
  6. Puppy-proof your house and yard. Get down on your hands and knees to see what your puppy will be seeing (remember this: whatever can be chewed will be chewed), and make sure there are no puppy-sized holes that they could escape through in your backyard.

For more tips on how to raise your new golden retriever puppy, check out the Golden Retriever Puppy Handbook.

Life With Your Golden Retriever Puppy

Although this might seem like a pretty big list, if you have it all when you bring your puppy home with you, it will make the transition time that much easier.

Plus, you won’t need to go shopping and can spend as much time as possible playing with your new best friend.

Take lots of pictures and videos!

Have a question about any of these items?

Let us know in the comments below!

And if you know someone who is getting a puppy and needs to see this list, please share this with them!

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