6 Best Collars For Golden Retrievers In 2022 (For Puppies & Adults)

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Looking for the best collar for your Golden Retriever?

Collars are one of the most used pieces of equipment for your dog, plus they serve several functions:

  • They give you something to clip your leash onto
  • They carry an ID tag in case your precious pup ever gets lost
  • They offer you something to hold onto in case you need to quickly get control of your dog
  • And they add some style to your dog’s already gorgeous looks

Because of this, your pup deserves a quality collar that’s practical and good-looking.

You’ll see all the best collar options for your Golden Retriever here, both for puppies and adult dogs, no matter what your lifestyle or needs.

Plus, at the end, you’ll learn how to get the right size collar for your Golden.

Best Collars For Adult Golden Retrievers

best collar for golden retriever

There are a bazillion collar options available in pet stores and through online retailers, but not all are worth your money.

Here are the best collars for adult Golden Retrievers:

  • Nylon Collars
  • Leather Collars
  • Biothane Collars
  • Martingale Collars
  • Safety Collars
  • Fi GPS Compatible Collars

For most Golden Retrievers, a 1-inch collar will be a good width, but for larger Goldens, a 1.25 or 1.5-inch collar will work as well.

Just be sure to avoid thinner collars as those concentrate more pressure on a small surface area, which can be painful for your pup.

As far as buckle styles go, you’ll see there are two main buckle styles for collars: belt buckle and quick release.

Belt buckle style is exactly how it sounds — the typical belt buckle closure — and is always made of metal.

They are very secure, but take a bit longer to fasten than the quick release option.

Quick-release style snaps on and off more quickly, and comes in both plastic and metal options.

The quick-release is a nice safety feature in case you need to quickly remove the collar, whereas the belt-style buckle requires more fiddling to get it off.

You can keep this information in mind as you select the best collar for your needs.

Best Nylon Collars

best nylon collar for golden retriever

Nylon is the most affordable and common material for dog collars.

If you stop by any big box pet store, you’ll find plenty of collars made of nylon.

They are lightweight, cheap, and come in a variety of colors.

While they do tend to show wear and tear fairly quickly, they’re pretty durable and long-lasting.

Blueberry Pet Essentials Collar

If you’re on a budget and just need a basic collar, this Blueberry Pet Essentials Collar is what you’re looking for!

With a selection of fashionable colors, this collar is under $10.

It’s adjustable and has a metal D ring for the leash.

If It Barks Webbing Collar

These If It Barks Collars come in an array of colors with several options for customization.

They come in three widths, and a selection of buckle colors and finishes.

What’s really cool is that you can get the buckle engraved with your dog’s name and your contact information.

This offers a secure form of ID, as sometimes tags can break off.

They are adjustable and built to last your dog a long time.

Best Leather Collars

best leather collar for golden retriever

Leather offers a more classic look and unparalleled durability when it comes to collars for your Golden Retriever.

Quality leather can look either sophisticated or rustic, depending on the style, and if you properly care for the material, it can last a lifetime.

Daihaqiko Leather Collars

The Daihaqiko Leather Collar is a timeless collar that will suit your Golden Retriever perfectly.

It comes in brown and black and you have the option to choose a single or double-stitch.

It’s also got two D-rings in case you have a double-connection leash.

Paco Collars

Paco Collars makes the most durable, artistically stunning leather collars you’ll ever find.

Don’t let the sparkly stones fool you – these have what it takes to hold up to even the most active, water-loving Golden Retrievers.

Dirt, mud, rain, and salty water are no match for the strength and appeal of a Paco Collar.

Whether you just want something classic, a little something special, a little rustic, or a whole lotta bling, Paco has something for everyone.

For dogs like Golden Retrievers with fluffy coats, it’s recommended to get a double-layer collar so that the bling can really stand out.

Collars are all fully customizable with different leather options, stone colors, and buckle options.

Their customer service is out of this world, and they are dedicated to helping you find the perfect collar for your dog, even if that means a totally custom design.

These collars come with a lifetime guarantee, and will even turn the nameplate into a memento bracelet when your dog passes, free of charge.

Bold Lead Designs Quick Release Leather Collar

If you love the look and feel of a leather collar, but prefer a quick release style buckle, the BLD’s Quick Release Leather Collar is the perfect option.

You get an adjustable, high-quality leather collar, with a durable metal quick-release buckle.

The quick-release buckle is an awesome safety feature because, as the name implies, you can quickly remove the collar if it gets stuck on something, like a branch or even another dog’s jaw while playing.

This is a hand-crafted collar made to last.

Best Biothane Collars

best biothane collar for golden retriever

Biothane is best described as a faux leather material made from coated webbing.

It looks like leather, and feels similar to leather, but it’s completely waterproof.

It is super durable, stink-proof, long-lasting, and comes in just about any color you can imagine.

If you love the look of leather, but just can’t keep your Golden out of the water, this is the collar for you.

Biothane can take a beating, handles dirt and mud like it’s nothing, and you’ll love how quickly it cleans up.

Dogline Biothane Collar

Simple, soft, and sturdy, the Dogline Biothane Collar serves up style and functionality.

It features a belt-style buckle and a D-ring to attach the leash.

With the choice of 13 gorgeous colors and electroplated hardware, this collar will hold up to whatever adventures you and your Golden Retriever find yourselves on.

This collar is stronger and lighter than leather, but still has that polished look leather is known for.

If It Barks Biothane Collar

If you like the quick release buckle style over the belt buckle style, this If It Barks Biothane Collar is just what you need.

Like the nylon collar from this brand above, you have the option to have the buckle engraved with your dog’s name and your contact information.

There are plenty of color options and some choice of hardware, so you can customize it to your preference.

This design is made to your dog’s size, so make sure you double-check the measurements.

It’s a simple collar, yet built to last many years.

Best Martingale Collars

best martingale collar for golden retriever

A martingale collar is designed in such a way that the leash attaches to a small loop that tightens when pulled.

This is a great safety measure for dogs who tend to slip out of their collars.

Unlike a slip collar which can tighten indefinitely, the martingale does not choke your dog as the loop can only tighten so much.

You might see martingale collars called a “limited slip collar” or a “euro slip collar.”

Additionally, if you prefer to keep your dog’s collar on the looser side around the house, the martingale feature can come in handy for walks when you don’t want them backing out of the collar.

But keep this in mind: a martingale collar is NOT a training collar.

You should not use it to correct your dog or punish your Golden Retriever by quickly tightening or popping the collar.

It’s simply a way to ensure that the collar stays on your dog while on leash.

Some martingales use a metal chain for the loop portion of the collar.

A lot of dogs might find the sound of the metal scary or off-putting, so consider a martingale that uses non-chain material for the loop, especially if your Golden has some sound sensitivity.

Petsafe Martingale Dog Collar with Quick Snap Buckle

This Petsafe Martingale Collar is at a price everyone will love.

It’s made from sturdy nylon with a nylon martingale loop, and also has a plastic quick-release style buckle.

The buckle makes putting the collar on and off your dog easy, and is great for dogs who dislike having things pulled over their head.

It’s also adjustable for easy sizing.

Sloppy Chops Co. Denali Limited Slip Collar

Made from waterproof biothane, Sloppy Chops Co. Denali Limited Slip Collar is an incredibly durable, hand-crafted collar.

Loads of color options and three hardware finishes give you plenty of freedom to create the perfect collar for your Golden Retriever.

You get all the benefits of biothane, plus the benefit of a martingale style, in one beautiful, practical collar.

This style is not adjustable, so be sure you measure accurately.

Best Safety Collars

best safety collar for golden retriever

A breakaway collar is a collar that breaks when enough tension is applied.

Life can be unpredictable, especially with dogs, and sometimes collars can get caught on something, which can pose a big danger to your dog.

Sometimes a collar can get snagged on a fence or on the jaw, paws and claws of another dog.

Another common scenario is when a dog lays down on an air conditioning vent and their ID tag gets caught in the slits of the vent.

A safety collar that snaps off in these scenarios can truly be lifesaving.

If you leave a collar on your Golden Retriever when you’re not home, or if you have multiple dogs and they play together with collars on, these might be an excellent choice.

Petsafe KeepSafe Break-Away Collar

The Petsafe KeepSafe Break-Away Collar is an affordable nylon collar that offers a safety buckle that unsnaps if there is tension on the collar.

What’s really cool is that the design uses two D-rings, one on either side of the special buckle, so that it can also be used for walks without coming apart.

The breakaway buckle is easily snapped back together so it’s reusable even after any mishaps.

It’s adjustable and also features a traditional quick-release buckle so that you can take it off and on without using the breakaway buckle.

Best Fi GPS Attachment Collars

GPS collar attachments allow you to keep tabs on your dog, as well as to track their daily activity.

This can save you a lot of stress if your dog were to get loose, as you can use an app to find their location.

They can also help you make sure your dog is getting enough exercise each day or week.

One of the most popular GPS options for dogs is Fi, and you can check them out at their website here.

Best Collars For Golden Retriever Puppies

Golden Retriever puppies grow like weeds, so you’ll likely be purchasing several collars over your pup’s first couple years of life.

Here are the best options for your Golden puppy:

  • GoGo Pet Products Comfy Nylon Collar
  • Petsafe Martingale Collar
  • Bold Lead Designs Quick Release Leather Collar

Because puppies can sometimes get themselves into trouble, it’s best to use only quick-release style buckles.

You’ll want to be able to immediately remove the collar if your silly, uncoordinated puppy gets themself into a sticky situation.

It’s also smart to choose a collar that is adjustable.

Sometimes your puppy will take a nap and then wake up needing their collar loosened.

The growth can really be that fast, so you’ll need an adjustable collar to keep up.

While a 1-inch collar is great for an adult Golden Retriever, it’s likely too thick for a puppy, especially an 8-week-old puppy, so you’ll want something a bit thinner for now.

GoGo Pet Products Comfy Nylon Collar

These ⅝ inch nylon collars from GoGo Pet Products are perfect for your Golden Retriever puppy.

They’re adjustable, so they can grow with your puppy, and feature a durable plastic quick-release buckle.

The price is very affordable, which is great because they will outgrow it before you know it!

If your Golden pup is really teeny, you might need a size smaller.

The ⅜ inch option has a smaller circumference, so it won’t slip off their tiny little noggins.

PetSafe Martingale Dog Collar with Quick Snap Buckle

best collar for golden retriever puppies

The PetSafe Martingale Collar is perfect for puppies, especially if you’re worried about them slipping out of their collars while out and about on walks.

It includes a plastic quick release buckle and is highly adjustable.

This simple nylon collar comes in a ⅜ width and a ¾ width, so you have suitable options no matter the age and size of your puppy.

Remember that the martingale feature is only for safety so that your puppy can’t back out of their collar.

Do NOT pop or quickly tighten the collar in an attempt to train them.

Use positive reinforcement methods if you’d like to work on polite leash walking skills.

Bold Lead Designs Quick Release Leather Collar

If your baby simply must have a leather collar, get the BLD’s Quick Release Leather Collar

It has everything you need for a puppy collar.

The buckle is a quick-release style, which is great for safety, and it’s also adjustable so they won’t outgrow it too fast.

This might be your puppy’s first collar, but it’s still made from beautiful, high-quality leather.

The XS and small sizes will likely fit your puppy well.

Collar Sizing

Just a quick note about proper sizing for your Golden Retriever’s collar.

Generally, you want to be able to fit two fingers between the collar and their neck.

This gives them some wiggle room so it’s not uncomfortably tight, but is also not too loose so that it pops off their head… which defeats the whole point of a collar.

Sometimes collar manufacturers will have their own specific directions for measuring your dog to ensure a proper fit, so always check to see what they recommend.

Generally, you’ll want to use a cloth measuring tape and measure their neck with two fingers of space underneath.

Always measure a couple of times, so that you get the right number.

You might need a helper to get an accurate measurement, especially with wiggly puppies.

Have any questions about getting a collar for your Golden Retriever?

Let us know down in the comments.

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P.S. Getting a Golden Retriever puppy? Check out the Golden Retriever Puppy Handbook.

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