Top 6 Dog Beds For Golden Retrievers In 2023

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Want to find the absolute best dog bed for your Golden Retriever?

There are tons of bed options out there, so it can be confusing trying to sift through what your Golden will like, and what they actually need.

But in this post, you’ll see which dog beds we recommend, as well as:

  • What different types of dog beds are out there (and which ones are the best for your Golden)
  • What makes a good dog bed
  • What to consider when choosing a bed for your puppy (they can be a little rough on their beds!)
  • Answers to FAQ about the best bed for your Golden Retriever
  • And much more

Let’s dive in!

Best Dog Beds For Golden Retrievers

There are several types of dog beds that you might be considering, but here are the three most important to consider:

  • Orthopedic beds
  • Beds for crates
  • Cots

And here are our favorite beds in these three categories:

There are many different options within these types, as well as crossovers between them, but here are our favorites:

Best Orthopedic Dog Bed For Golden Retrievers

Orthopedic beds are not only good for your dog’s joints, but they’re also really comfy.

Here’s what we recommend:

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed


  • 4″ memory foam base for extra comfort and joint protection
  • Bolsters on all sides for your dog to use as a pillow or bury their head under
  • Removable liner you can easily take off and throw in the washing machine
  • Waterproof liner to protect against pee, drool or vomit
  • Rubber-lined bottom for stability on tile or wood floors


  • Not chew-proof
  • More expensive than other beds

Who this bed is for:

This bed is great to have around the house for adult and senior Goldens.

They’ll love how comfy it is, and you’ll love how durable and easy it is to clean.

You can get this bed from Amazon here.

Runner Up For Best Orthopedic Dog Bed: BarksBar Snuggly Sleeper

memory foam bed for golden retriever


  • 4″ orthopedic foam base for extra comfort and joint protection
  • Bolsters on all sides for your dog to use as a pillow or bury their head under
  • Removable liner you can easily take off and throw in the washing machine
  • Rubber-lined bottom for stability on tile or wood floors
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not chew-proof
  • Not waterproof

Who this bed is for:

Just like the PetFusion bed, this bed is great to have around the house for your adult or senior Golden to lay in.

Although it doesn’t have a waterproof liner, it is cheaper.

You can get this bed from Amazon here.

Best Crate Bed For Golden Retrievers

Crate beds are obviously made to fit snugly in crates and keep your golden comfortable while in them.

Here’s what we recommend:

MidWest Bolster Crate Bed


  • Fits snugly in a 42″ crate
  • Bolsters on all sides for your pup to use as a pillow
  • Reasonably priced
  • Machine washable and dryer friendly


  • Not chew-proof
  • Not as plush as an orthopedic bed

Who this bed is for:

This bed is great for puppies and younger dogs who spend time in their crate.

It can also work as a bed for around the house and is more friendly on your wallet than an orthopedic bed.

You can get this bed on amazon here.

Best Cot Bed For Golden Retrievers

Cots aren’t exactly beds, but they’re great for your dog to lay on outside on the patio or when camping, and they’re great for teaching your dog a “place” command.

Plus, your Golden will find the mesh fabric pretty comfortable.

Here’s what we recommend:

Coolaroo Cot


  • Cool and breathable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy breakdown and setup for transportation
  • Mesh fabric is comfortable


  • No bolsters for the sides
  • Not as comfortable as the orthopedic beds on this list

Who this bed is for:

If you want to teach your dog “place,” or you spend a lot of time outside, this cot is perfect for you and your golden.

You can get this cot on amazon here.

Other Types Of Dog Beds

The above beds aren’t the only types of dog beds available.

You’ve also got:

  • Calming dog beds (which are big and fluffy, like this bed)
  • Chew-resistant and water-repellant dog beds (which are super tough, like this Maxx dog bed)

Best Dog Beds For Golden Retriever Puppies

best dog bed for golden retriever puppy

There are several things to consider when thinking about what type of dog bed to get your puppy:

  • Will they pee on it?
  • Will they chew it up?
  • Will it be the right size?

These are important questions, so let’s check them out.

Will your puppy pee on their bed?

Dogs are clean animals, and they don’t like to pee where they sleep.

So chances are, your puppy won’t voluntarily pee on their bed.

However, if you leave them in their crate for too long, they might have an accident.

And it’s not just pee you have to worry about.

Puppies are more prone to vomiting and diarrhea because they still haven’t quite yet learned to not eat everything in sight.

Will your puppy chew their bed?

Puppies love to chew just about everything, so it’s definitely not out of the question.

Will it be the right size for your puppy?

One day, your puppy will be 10 pounds, then you’ll blink and they’ll be 60 pounds.

Since they grow so fast, it’s tough to get a bed that’s just the right size for more than a week.

You could either get a smaller version of the beds listed above, or just get the adult-sized beds and let your puppy grow into them.

Getting the Right Puppy Bed

When shopping for a bed for your puppy, keep in mind that they may pee on it, chew it, or outgrow it.

We just went with a crate bed when Oliver was a puppy (we went through a few of them, so I’m thankful that they’re cheap), then when he grew up, we got him a nice orthopedic bed that he loves.

No matter what beds you choose, puppies sleep a lot, and they’ll just be happy to lay down somewhere comfortable.

P.S. Getting a golden retriever puppy? Check out the Golden Retriever Puppy Handbook!

Golden Retriever Dog Bed FAQ

best orthopedic golden retriever dog bed
Furhaven Pet Orthopedic Bed

How big should a dog bed for Golden Retrievers be?

Beds around 40 inches long will be good for your Golden Retriever.

If you’re getting a crate bed, be sure to get a bed that has similar dimensions to the crate so there’s not too much unused room in there.

Where should you keep your Golden Retriever’s bed?

Golden retrievers are social dogs and love to be around their families.

Most people will keep their dog’s bed in their bedroom, but they may also have one for their living room or kitchen, or wherever they spend their time during the day.

How do you wash a dog bed?

To get your dog’s bed extra clean and protect them from harmful bugs or parasites, wash it in your washing machine with hot water and pet-safe laundry detergent.

Some beds, like the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed, have removable covers that you can wash.

With other beds, like the MidWest Bolster Crate Bed, you’re safe to throw the whole thing in the washing machine.

What makes a good Golden Retriever dog bed?

Here are four factors that you want to look for when choosing a bed for your Golden Retriever:

  1. Easy to clean
  2. Comfortable
  3. Durable
  4. Appropriate for the dog’s life stage (i.e. your senior Golden will really appreciate an orthopedic bed)

Your dog will probably also like a bed with bolsters on the sides to lay their heads on.

Do golden retrievers even sleep on dog beds?

Yes, your Golden may like to sleep on the floor, couch, your bed, or even the sunny lawn outside, but they do appreciate having their own space, too.

Should a dog bed be waterproof?

Having a dog bed with a waterproof cover will make cleanup easy if you have an old golden who might start to have accidents in the house again.

With a puppy, a waterproof cover will be helpful, or you could also have two washable crate beds in case of an accident, similar to how you would have a spare set of sheets for a child.

What happens if my dog doesn’t like their bed?

Your Golden may not love their new bed at first.

It might take some time to get used to the feel and smell, but you can encourage them to like it by praising them when they get in it, or tossing toys or treats in it.

Of course, they could also just be boujie and want a more comfy bed.

Does my Golden Retriever really need an orthopedic bed?

Foam cushioning can help protect your dog’s joints from laying on the hard floor.

Plus, it’ll be more comfortable for them.

When we got Oliver his first orthopedic bed, we kept his old crate bed in our room, too.

He slept in the orthopedic bed every night, but we rarely saw him in the crate bed.

Do Golden Retrievers like blankets?

Many goldens do like blankets, but they seem to prefer to lay on them rather than under them.

Also, your puppy may enjoy tearing a blanket up more than cuddling with it, so be careful about leaving one in the crate with them.

Getting Your Golden Retriever’s Next Bed

golden retriever dog beds

There is no one perfect bed for Golden Retrievers, but they’ll probably go through and enjoy a mix of orthopedic beds, crate beds, and cots.

Here are the top ones we recommend:

And when choosing a bed for your Golden Retriever, make sure to get one that’s easy to clean, comfortable, durable, and appropriate for whatever stage of life they’re in.

What’s your dog’s favorite bed?

Have any questions about picking a bed for your Golden Retriever?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you liked this article, you’ll love our complete guide to golden retrievers.

P.S. Getting a golden retriever puppy? Check out the Golden Retriever Puppy Handbook!

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