Golden Retriever vs. Siberian Husky: 16 Differences To Help You Choose

golden retriever vs siberian husky

Trying to decide between a Golden Retriever and a Siberian Husky? Golden Retrievers and Siberian Huskies can both make amazing companions, but they are very different breeds with very different traits. Understanding each breed’s characteristics and considering how well they might fit with your lifestyle can help you make a well-informed decision. In this article, … Read more

6 Best Collars For Golden Retrievers In 2022 (For Puppies & Adults)

best collar for golden retriever

Looking for the best collar for your Golden Retriever? Collars are one of the most used pieces of equipment for your dog, plus they serve several functions: They give you something to clip your leash onto They carry an ID tag in case your precious pup ever gets lost They offer you something to hold … Read more

Golden Retriever vs. Beagle: 17 Differences To Help You Choose

golden retriever vs beagle

Trying to decide between a Golden Retriever vs. a Beagle? Golden Retrievers and Beagles are both friendly, happy breeds that can make great companions. They have many qualities that are similar, but also many that make them very different from each other. It’s important to understand their unique traits so you can choose the breed … Read more

6-Week-Old Golden Retrievers: Mistakes, Feeding & Development

6 week old golden retriever puppy

At six weeks old, a Golden Retriever puppy is a bundle of energy and curiosity. They’re no longer a teeny baby and are looking and acting much more like a real puppy. They’re impossibly cute, and while it may be tempting to bring home a pup at this age, it’s actually very important that they … Read more

Golden Retriever vs. German Shepherd: 17 Differences To Help You Choose

golden retriever vs german shepherd

Trying to decide between a golden retriever and a German shepherd? That’s a great (and tough) decision to make because you really can’t go wrong with either of these dogs. However, they each have their strengths and weaknesses and chances are, one is better for you and your family’s needs than the other. So to … Read more

8-Month-Old Golden Retrievers: Size, Training, Pictures, & Behavior

8 month old golden retriever

8-month-old Golden Retrievers are fluffy, cute, and sometimes crazy teenagers. Just like humans, dogs become teenagers before they grow into mature adults. And similar to human parents, dog parents can find this time a bit rocky, as your sweet puppy goes through lots of changes on their way to physical, social, and reproductive maturity. It’s … Read more