8-Month-Old Golden Retrievers: Size, Training, Pictures, & Behavior

8 month old golden retriever

8-month-old Golden Retrievers are fluffy, cute, and sometimes crazy teenagers. Just like humans, dogs become teenagers before they grow into mature adults. And similar to human parents, dog parents can find this time a bit rocky, as your sweet puppy goes through lots of changes on their way to physical, social, and reproductive maturity. It’s … Read more

5-Month-Old Golden Retrievers: Biting, Chewing, Training, & Behaviors

5 month old golden retriever

Time flies when you’re having fun, and no one has more fun than a Golden Retriever puppy!  A five-month-old Golden is approaching the end of the puppy stage and is about to enter the next developmental phase: canine adolescence. Around six months of age is when puppies typically hit the teenage phase. It’s hard to believe … Read more

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting Two Golden Retrievers

two golden retrievers

Golden Retrievers can be a bit addictive. You might say they’re the potato chips of dog breeds — you can’t have just one! Sharing your life with two Golden Retrievers certainly has its appeal, but it’s a big decision that should be taken seriously. Some people may choose to bring home two puppies at once … Read more

Best Toys For Golden Retriever Puppies (For Training, Teething & More)

best toys golden retriever puppies

Looking for the best toys to get for your golden retriever puppy? The great thing about puppy toys is that if you use them the right way, they can help with: Training Teething Destructive behaviors Building a bond with your puppy Safe outlets for the endless puppy energy And much more But, that’s only if … Read more

Golden Retriever Weight Calculator: Estimate Your Puppy’s Adult Weight

golden retriever weight calculator

Want to estimate much your Golden Retriever puppy will weigh when they’re fully grown? Use this calculator to find out! Just input: Your puppy’s gender How much their dad weighed How much their mom weighed (It may take a second for the calculator to load below.) How The Golden Retriever Weight Calculator Works Weight is … Read more

10 Games To Play With Your Golden Retriever To Exercise & Bond With Them

best games for golden retrievers

If your Golden Retriever is like mine, they just want to play allll day. It can be tough to keep them entertained, so here’s a list of 10 games that your Golden Retriever will love! It contains a mix of games that will mentally stimulate them, physically stimulate them, games with toys involved, and games … Read more

4-Month-Old Golden Retrievers: Training, Chewing, Biting, & Behaviors

When your Golden Retriever hits four months old, you’ll be amazed by how much they’ve grown since you first brought them home! Physically, they’re not the little puppy that fit so perfectly in your arms and lap anymore, but mentally, they’re most definitely still a young pup. You’ll likely start to see more physical changes … Read more

Best Food For Golden Retriever Puppies (And What NOT To Feed Them)

best golden retriever puppy food

There are so many options for Golden Retriever puppy food that it can be quite overwhelming. And when you add in the strong opinions people have about dog food, the confusing marketing about what’s good and what’s bad, and the importance of choosing a high-quality food… it can be downright scary to pick a food … Read more

The Golden Retriever Puppy Timeline [11 Milestones & Stages]

golden retriever puppy sleeping

As a new Golden Retriever puppy owner, you may be wondering about when important puppy milestones happen, such as: When do they lose their puppy teeth? When do they stop growing? When do they (finally) stop biting? When do they sleep through the night? It’s a roller coaster ride when raising a Golden pup, so … Read more