8 Types Of Golden Retrievers (With Pictures)

types of golden retrievers

Want to know about all of the different types of golden retrievers? There are white goldens, red goldens, gold goldens, mini goldens, and Canadian, English, and American goldens… right? Well, not exactly. Talking about the different types of golden retrievers is both a simple and complex discussion. Simple because there is just one recognized breed: … Read more

Field Golden Retriever vs. Show Golden Retriever (7 Differences)

field bred golden retriever vs show golden retriever

Want to know the difference between field golden retrievers and show golden retrievers? Yes, they’re both golden retrievers that make great family pets, but there are some differences (such as their size and personality) that you should consider if you’re looking to get a golden retriever. In this post, I’m going to break down seven … Read more

Mini Golden Retrievers: The Complete Guide (Pros, Cons & Differences)

mini golden retriever

What are mini golden retrievers? Are they just like golden retrievers with the same loving temperament, just miniature-sized? Are they actually healthier? Do they shed less? Are they even golden retrievers? In this post, we’ll break down everything you need to about these mini adorable dogs. Let’s dive in! What Is A Mini Golden Retriever? … Read more