25 Celebrities With Golden Retrievers

celebrities with golden retrievers

There are lots of celebrities who have Golden Retrievers. That’s right, it’s not just us common folk who love Goldens, but many of the world’s biggest stars love them too. Here is a big list of celebrities and their wonderful Goldens. Let’s dive in! Adam Levine’s Golden Retriever Charlie Even though Charlie is pup culture … Read more

Funniest Nicknames Golden Retriever Owners Call Their Dogs

most embarrassing nicknames for golden retrievers

No, it’s not just you… Everybody has embarrassing nicknames for their golden retrievers. Some are sweet (like Angel Face), while other people channeled their inner third-grader to come up with their pup’s nickname (like Marty McFarty). In the 2021 Golden Retriever Owners Report we asked people to share what nicknames they call their golden retrievers. … Read more

50 Shades Of Gold (50 Beautiful Goldens)

different kinds of golden retrievers

Golden Retrievers come in all sorts of shades, from the white English Cream Golden Retrievers to the Red Golden Retrievers and everything in between. This isn’t 50 Shades of Grey, but 50 Shades of Gold still gets our hearts thumpin (just in a very different way). Enjoy these beautiful goldens!   View this post on … Read more

Saturdays Are For The Golden Boys (23 Photos)

saturdays are for the golden boys

You may have heard that Saturdays are for the boys, which is true. But it’s only half the story. Everybody who’s anybody knows that Saturdays are for the Golden Boys, and we’re bringing you 21 Golden Boys who know how it’s done. Enjoy! #SAFTGB Moby and Moby bro’ing out with the same name.   View … Read more