25 Celebrities With Golden Retrievers

There are lots of celebrities who have Golden Retrievers.

That’s right, it’s not just us common folk who love Goldens, but many of the world’s biggest stars love them too.

Here is a big list of celebrities and their wonderful Goldens.

Let’s dive in!

Adam Levine’s Golden Retriever Charlie

Even though Charlie is pup culture royalty, he’s apparently no different than any other Goldens!

Chris Colfer’s Golden Retriever Cooper

Maybe this is the secret to why Chris Colfer is so successful!

Oliver is officially hired as my editing partner.

Conan O’Brien’s Golden Retriever Coco

I can’t imagine a better a better ice cream date!

Denise Richards’ Golden Retriever Tucker

Being derpy knows no social class bounds.

Diane Keaton’s Golden Emmie

It’s hard work being famous…

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield’s Golden Ren

Ren is clearly loving the pawparazzi… and when you’re that gorgeous, who wouldn’t?

Erin Andrew’s Golden Retriever Howie

Erin couldn’t be any more right. Every day is National Dog Day!

Gerald Ford’s Golden Retriever Liberty

“I’m swearing an oath to protect my country right now… you can ask me who’s a good boy another time, Karen.” – Liberty (probably)

Jackie Chan’s Golden Retrievers JJ and Jones

Jackie Chan said it’s the year of the dog this year, but I’m confused because I thought that was every year?

Jake Paul’s Golden Retriever Thor

They’re almost the same height!

Jennifer Garner’s Golden Retriever Birdie

Well hello there beautiful!

Jimmy Fallon’s Golden Gary

Both sides are your good side, Gary!

Joe Rogan’s Golden Retriever Marshall

What a cutie!

Kyle Richards’ Golden Bambi

Get you someone that looks at you the way Bambi looks at this ball.

Lisa Vanderpump’s Rumpy

Blink twice if you want us to call the police, Rumpy.

Lori Loughlin’s Two Goldens

What would the picture look like if someone snapped one of you and your Golden on your morning walk?

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’s Golden Moses

Please comment below with a witty comment, I abstained from watching The Real World.

Miranda Lambert’s Waylon

Beautiful fire but this Golden’s only got eyes for his mama.

Neil Patrick Harris’ Golden Retriever Ella

What an adorable Christmas present!

Neymar’s Golden Retriever Poker

Soccer balls are the new tennis balls.

Nick Jonas’ Golden Elvis

Not sure who will steal more teenage girl hearts here…

Nicolette Sheridan’s Golden Retriever

Are you even a dog mom if your hair doesn’t match your dog’s?

Oprah Winfrey’s Goldens Luke & Layla

“You get a walk!”

“You get a walk!”

“You get a walk!”

“You get a walk!”

Ronald Reagan’s Golden Retriever Victory

Was this the dog’s name before or after Reagan got elected?

Ryan Reynolds’ Golden Billie

Boys being boys.

Shawn Johnson’s Golden Nash

Looking a little empty under that Christmas tree… no wonder Nash looks so concerned.


So many cute Goldens!

Did I miss anyone?

Let me know in the comments below!

And be sure to check out this list of famous Golden Retrievers.

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