Puppy Raising Blueprint & 30 Day Puppy Challenge VIP Pass

Welcome to the Puppy Raising Blueprint & 30 Day Puppy Challenge VIP Pass!

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Puppy Raising Blueprint Section 1: Puppy Raising Basics

Introduction to the Puppy Raising Blueprint

Picking A Puppy

How To Survive The First 24 Hours


Potty Training

Crate Training

Canine Body Language

Dealing With Fear



Puppy Raising Blueprint Section 2: Problem Behaviors

How Puppies Learn

Humane Hierarchy

Puppy Nipping

Demand Barking

Chewing & Destruction

Resource Aggression

Puppy Raising Blueprint Section 3: Training Life Skills

Smart x 50

Hand Targets

Go To Mat

Sit & Down


Leave It & Drop It

Leash Skills

30 Day Puppy Challenge Conclusion


30 Day Puppy Challenge Playbook

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