5 Best Vacuums For Golden Retriever Hair In 2021 Ranked By Popularity

best vacuum for golden retriever hair

With so many different vacuums out there, it’s tough to choose the right one for you, your floors, your budget, and your Golden Retriever’s hair. If you ask people on Facebook what their favorite vacuum is, everyone is going to have a totally different answer. So to cut through all the noise and actually find … Read more

17 Tips To Manage Golden Retriever Shedding (& Keep Your House Clean)

golden retriever shedding

Your clothes, the floor, your furniture… If you have a Golden Retriever, expect everything in your home to be covered in Golden fluff. Yes, you’ll even find a hair or two in your food sometimes. Golden Retrievers shed a lot. They shed year-round, but especially in spring and fall when they blow their coats. To … Read more

Golden Retriever Ear Infection: Symptoms, Causes, & Treatment

golden retriever ear infection

Golden Retrievers have adorable, floppy, fuzzy ears. But, unfortunately, their floppiness and fuzziness are part of what makes them susceptible to ear infections. Ear infections in Golden Retrievers are common. Symptoms include redness, itching, odor, and discharge. They can be treated with medicine prescribed by your veterinarian and will usually go away in 1-2 weeks … Read more

Golden Retriever Rescue In Washington (Adopt A Golden Retriever Near You)

golden retriever rescue washington

Want to rescue a Golden Retriever in Washington? I’m not sure who’s luckier — your future Golden Retriever, or you! Goldens are loyal, loving, fluffy balls of joy, but because they’re so popular, it can be hard to find an available Golden who needs to be rescued. In this article, you’ll see the main Golden … Read more

The Golden Retriever Puppy Timeline [11 Milestones & Stages]

golden retriever puppy sleeping

As a new Golden Retriever puppy owner, you may be wondering about when important puppy milestones happen, such as: When do they lose their puppy teeth? When do they stop growing? When do they (finally) stop biting? When do they sleep through the night? It’s a roller coaster ride when raising a Golden pup, so … Read more

The Strange Truth About The History Of Golden Retrievers

golden retriever history

The history of Golden Retrievers is one of luck, extinct breeds, myths, and prejudice. Here’s how the breed got started: Golden Retrievers were first bred by Lord Tweedmouth in Scotland in 1868. He bred a Tweed Water Spaniel and a Wavy-Coated Retriever together to create the first litter of Golden Retrievers. But there’s much more … Read more