2021 Golden Retriever Owners Report

2021 golden retriever owners report

The results of the 2021 Golden Retriever Owners Report are in! If you’ve ever wanted to know: “What do other people feed their golden retriever?” Or, “What’s the best vacuum to clean up all the golden retriever hair?” Or, “Should I enroll my pup in a puppy training class?” Then you’re going to love this! … Read more

6-Month-Old Golden Retrievers: Size, Training, Biting, & Behaviors

6 month old golden retriever

6-month-old golden retrievers are so cute! They’re little gangly, furry teenagers who love to play and have fun. But they can also be a handful! They’re boisterous, rebellious, have tons of energy, and haven’t quite yet learned wrong from right. To help you understand and appreciate your 6-month old golden retriever, and to set them … Read more

Golden Retrievers As Service Dogs (Training, Facts & Myths)

golden retriever service dog

Want to know if golden retrieves make good service dogs? They do! Along with labradors, poodles, and german shepherds, golden retrievers are some of the most popular service dog breeds. But whether you’re considering getting a golden that’s already trained as a service dog, or training them yourself, there’s a lot to know beforehand. In … Read more

How To Train Your Golden Retriever To Hunt

train golden retriever hunt

Do you want to learn how to train your golden retriever to hunt? Goldens were originally bred as hunting dogs over 150 years ago, and although they’re more known companions these days, they still making great companions out in the field, That is, as long as they’re trained the right right way. In this post, … Read more

How Much Exercise Golden Retrievers Actually Need (Puppies & Adults)

how much exercise golden retrievers need

Want to know how much exercise your golden retriever needs? This is an incredibly important question because getting your golden retriever enough exercise could be the difference between having a wonderful companion or an unmanageable house-destroyer. In this article, you’ll learn: How much exercise adult golden retrievers need How much exercise golden retriever puppies need … Read more

Golden Retriever Behavior Problems: Common Issues & How To Fix Them

golden retriever behavior problems

Is your golden retriever struggling with some behavior problems? Welcome to the life of a golden retriever parent! Experiencing behavior issues from your golden retriever is totally normal, and in this article, we’ll address some of the most common behavior problems and how to fix them. Let’s dive in! The Truth About Golden Retriever Behavior … Read more