6 Golden Retriever Rescues In California (Adopt Your New Best Friend!)

Looking for golden retriever rescues in California?


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In this article, you’ll see six golden retriever rescues in California, their locations, their websites, and see some resources to learn more about raising and caring for golden retrievers.

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California Golden Retriever Rescues

Here’s a list of golden retriever rescues in California listed in alphabetical order.

Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue

Location: Los Angeles

Website: grcglarescue.org

Golden Retriever Club of San Diego County, Inc. Rescue

Location: San Diego County

Website: www.grcsdc.org

Homeward Bound Golden Retriever Rescue

Location: Elverta

Website: homewardboundgoldens.org

Norcal Golden Retriever Rescue

Location: Menlo Park

Website: ngrr.org

Retrievers and Friends of Southern California

Location: Temecula

Website: www.retrieversandfriends.com

Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue

Location: Los Angeles

Website: scgrrescue.org

California Golden Retriever Clubs

In addition to reaching out to one of the above rescues to find a golden to adopt, it may also be helpful to keep up with local golden retriever clubs.

You can meet other golden retriever owners, get referrals for service providers like trainers or groomers, and attend or participate in local events.

There are three golden retriever clubs in California:

Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles

Location: Los Angeles

Website: www.grcgla.org

Golden Retriever Club of San Diego County, Inc. Rescue

Location: San Diego County

Website: www.grcsdc.org

NORCAL Golden Retriever Club

Location: Los Angeles

Website: www.norcalgrc.org


If you’re on the fence about getting a golden retriever, or if you’re wanting more information, these articles can help:


golden retriever rescue california

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And if you’re looking for more information about golden retrievers, you’ll love our Complete Guide To Golden Retrievers.

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  1. My dog just passed. I have a large box of saline solution (lactate ringer) bags from Costco & was wondering if you have any dogs that need them? My cell phone # is 858 525-2720

    • Hi Annemarie, that’s so nice of you to offer! Some of the rescues in this post might want them if you want to reach out to them.

  2. My husband and I Have been searching for Golden Retriever. We are very interested in your girl. She sounds like a perfect age ,for us. Can you please send a picture or pictures. ? Also, where are you located.

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    Those of us who have been blessed with that special ,”FUR PERSON”have come to know a very special love that a Golden Retriever brings to our lives
    My favorite saying is ” she taught me everything I know, but not everything she
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  4. I am looking to ADOPT an ADULT or SENIOR GOLDEN RETRIEVER. Can you help me find my forever BEST FRIEND and COMPANION please contact me.

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    • We are looking to find a home for our 5 year old golden retriever , she does well with kids , housebroken, a happy girl… due to moving circumstances and divorce we are looking for the perfect home for her…….if you’re interested please email me for pictures at Hdavis@nswinc.com for pictures and more info


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