10 Grooming Tools Every Golden Retriever Owner Needs

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Grooming your Golden Retriever is one of the most important things you can do to keep them healthy.

And if you want to make grooming them safer and more effective, then you need to have the right tools.

In this post, you’ll see which tools you should use, plus the secret weapon that will make grooming your dog so much easier.

Here are 10 essential grooming tools all Golden Retriever parents should have in their grooming kit.


A good brush is your first line of defense against excessive shedding, matting, and other problems that can come from your Golden’s long, thick coat.

There are many brushes to choose from, but here are the two most important ones to have:

Slicker Brush

slicker brush for golden retriever

A slicker brush is the best brush to keep your Golden’s coat clean and healthy.

The pins are angled back to help remove loose fur, dirt, and dander.

Just be careful not to use too much pressure with this brush, as the teeth can cause discomfort to your dog if pushed too hard.

I like this one especially because it is self-cleaning — all you do is push a button and the hair pops out in a nice little ball.

Get this self-cleaning slicker brush from Amazon.

Undercoat Rake

undercoat rake for golden retriever

The thick double coat of your Golden requires special care.

While not really visible, the undercoat serves to regulate your dog’s body temperature and keep them protected from both the cold and the heat.

If it is matted or full of loose hair and dirt, your dog will not be as clean or comfortable as they could be.

Undercoat rakes get right to that thick bottom layer to remove tangles and excess fur.

You can get this undercoat rake from Chewy here.

Nail Trimmer

nail trimmer for golden retriever

Leaving your dog’s nails too long can cause serious health issues for them and wreak havoc on things like your hardwood floors or furniture.

Dog nail clippers use a rounded blade to apply even pressure around the nail and get a clean cut.

Get these nail clippers from Amazon here.

And when you’re clipping your dog’s nails, you always want to have this next item on hand…

Styptic Powder

styptic powder for golden retriever

It’s way too easy to accidentally cut your dog’s quick, which is a blood vessel and nerve in their nail, if you cut their nails too short.

If it happens (we accidentally did it once — sorry Oliver!), then you need to have styptic powder nearby to quickly stop the bleeding.

If not, they’ll run around and leave little drops of blood all over your floors.

You can get this styptic powder from Amazon here.


shampoo for golden retriever

A good dog shampoo will keep your dog’s coat clean while avoiding irritating their eyes and skin.

We did a survey recently and asked Golden Retriever owners what their favorite shampoo is.

As you can see in the graph below, Burt’s Bees won by a long shot.

best shampoo for golden retriever

Click here to see the full results of the survey.

You can also get medicated shampoos if your dog is suffering from ticks, fleas, parasites, or allergies, which you can learn more about in this post about best shampoo for Golden Retrievers.

You can get Burt’s Bees dog shampoo from Chewy here.

Blow dryer

blow dryer for golden retriever

With as much fur as Goldens have, air drying can take forever, which can cause hot spots and other skin issues.

Using a doggy blow dryer will get the job done much quicker and also offers a great opportunity to blow out more loose hair.

Regular hairdryers can be too hot for your dog’s thin and delicate skin, so go with a blow dryer made specifically for dogs.

You can get this blow dryer from Amazon here.

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

tooth brush and tooth paste for golden retriever

Brushing your dog’s teeth is one of the most important things you can do to help them live a long and healthy life.

Tooth problems can cause pain, tooth loss, and can even lead to gum or heart disease.

While it is ideal to brush your dog’s teeth every day, aim for at least a few times a week.

Be sure to use a toothpaste made for dogs because human toothpaste contains ingredients that can be very harmful to your pup.

You can get this toothbrush and toothpaste kit from Amazon here.

Trimming Shears

trimming shears for golden retriever

That long fur will require the occasional trimming, especially around areas like their legs, paws, and booty.

These trimming shears are great for dogs and the rounded tips help keep them safe if your pup decides that haircut time is over and tries to move.

Get these trimming shears from Amazon here.

Ear Cleaning Solution

ear cleaner for golden retriever

Everybody loves petting Golden Retrievers’ long and incredibly soft ears, but it is important to pay attention to what is happening under them!

Long ears, while great to pet, are a perfect spot for harboring bacteria and causing infections because they hold in moisture and warmth.

Regular cleaning with an ear cleaning solution for dogs prevents this buildup of dirt and moisture, keeping their ears clean and preventing infections.

You can get this ear cleaner from Amazon here.

And you can read this post for more tips on cleaning Golden Retriever ears.


towel for golden retriever

Of course, you can use your regular bath towels, but having a set of dog specific towels is incredibly handy, plus it will keep your towels in better shape.

These microfiber towels are great at absorbing moisture and are soft on your dog’s fur and skin.

Plus, you can use them to wipe of dirt after a wet walk or to line the backseat of your car.

You can get these towels from Chewy here.

Bonus: Lick Mat

lick mat for golden retriever

If your dog has a hard time sitting still for grooming, especially for things like nail and hair trimming, a lick mat is a great way to keep them entertained while you work.

Just smear some peanut butter on it between the grooves and you’ll keep them ntertained for a few minutes.

This lick mat has suction cups so you can mount it in the tub or on the wall.

Get this Lick Mat from Amazon here.

Your Golden Retriever Grooming Kit

The above items will help make grooming your dog quick, easy, and effective.

Have a grooming tool you can’t live without?

Leave us a comment below!

And once you have your grooming tools, then read about how to groom your Golden Retriever here.

P.S. Getting a Golden Retriever puppy? Check out the Golden Retriever Puppy Handbook.

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