Golden Retriever Rescues In Atlanta (Adopt A Golden Near You)

Finding a Golden Retriever to adopt in Atlanta (or all of Georgia, for that matter!) isn’t easy.

Because they’re so popular, people are scooping them up almost as soon as they go for adoption.

But to help you find the Golden for you, you’ll see the Golden Retriever rescues in Atlanta in this article, plus rescues in nearby states.

You’ll also learn three sneaky ways you might be able to find a Golden Retriever to rescue if the dedicated Golden Retriever rescues don’t have any available.

Georgia Golden Retriever Rescues

golden retriever rescue georgia

Here are the two main Golden Retriever rescues in Georgia:

Adopt a Golden Atlanta

Location: Atlanta


Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta

Location: Atlanta


Golden Retriever Rescues Near Georgia

In addition to the two rescues above, there are several Golden Retriever rescues in nearby states where you can find your dream dog.

Here’s where you can find them:

3 Extra Ways To Find A Rescue Golden Retriever

If none of the Golden Retriever rescues in or near Georgia have a Golden for you, there are a few other options.

The first option is to check your local animal shelter.

This is a long shot since most Golden Retrievers go fast in these shelters, but if you check early and often, you may get lucky.

Plus, there’s always the chance that you’ll find another dog who steals your heart!

The second option is to get involved with your local Golden Retriever Facebook groups.

People who have to rehome their dog will often post there and try to find a new home for their pup themselves, instead of going through a rescue organization.

If you’re there at the right time, you may find a Golden who needs your home.

Just be sure to watch out for scammers!

(Watch this video about the UGLY truth about Golden Retrievers for more on scammers)

The final option is to get involved with your local Golden Retriever club.

golden retriever rescue atlanta

The members might have inside knowledge on a Golden who needs a loving home.

This is another long shot, but I’ve found that the more Golden Retriever lovers you know, the more likely you are to find a Golden.

And speaking of local Golden Retriever Clubs…

Golden Retreiver Clubs In Georgia

Not only can your local Golden Retriever club help you potentially find your Golden, they can also help you raise them.

For example, your local club can help with:

  • Socializing and exercising your Golden through their dog sports and other events
  • Getting advice from experienced Golden Retriever owners
  • Getting referrals for services like vets, groomers, and doggy daycares

Here is the Golden Retriever Club in Atlanta:

Atlanta Golden Retriever Club, Inc.

Location: Atlanta


Golden Retriever Resources & Tips

If you’re still trying to decide if a Golden Retriever is the right dog for you, or if you want to learn more about the breed, check out these articles:

Here’s a list of everything you need for a Golden Retriever, and you can click here for a list of Golden Retriever rescues in every state.

Adopting A Golden Retriever

adopt a golden retriever atlanta

It can be hard to find a Golden Retriever to rescue, but that’s only the start.

Helping your Golden get comfortable in their new home can be a challenge, but they’ll pay you back ten times over with their endless love and fluffy hugs.

Have you rescued a Golden before?

Let us know down in the comments!

And if you want to learn more about whether or not a Golden Retriever is right for you, take this quiz!

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