Golden Retriever Rescues In South Carolina (Adopt A Golden Near You)

Hey there, future Golden Retriever owner!

Looking for where you can adopt a Golden Retriever in South Carolina?

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In this post, you’ll find a list of the top four Golden Retriever rescues in and near South Carolina.

But since these rescues often have a long waitlist, you’ll also learn three backdoor ways to find a rescue Golden who needs your home.

And at the end, you’ll see our best resources to help out when you finally bring your Golden home.

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Golden Retriever Rescues In South Carolina

golden retriever rescue south carolina

Here’s a list of the top four Golden Retriever rescues in South Carolina in alphabetical order:

Foothills Golden Retriever Rescue

Location: Greenville


Grand Stand Golden Retriever Rescue

Location: Murrells Inlet


Grateful Goldens Rescue

Location: Myrtle Beach


Midlands Golden Rescue

Location: Columbia


Golden Retriever Rescues Near South Carolina

In addition to the Golden Retriever rescues in South Carolina, there are also several in nearby states that serve South Carolina.

Here are links for where you can find them:

3 Other Ways To Find A Rescue Golden Retriever

If none of the rescues above have a Golden Retriever for you, it’s time to get a little creative.

The first extra way to find a Golden is to comb your local animal shelters.

This is a long shot because Goldens will get adopted quickly, but if you check early and often you might have a chance.

Plus, you might also find another dog that steals your heart!

The next way is to get involved with your local Golden Retriever Facebook groups.

Just search “South Carolina Golden Retrievers” in Facebook, filter by groups, and you should find at least one.

Sometimes people will want to find a loving new home for their Golden themselves, rather than go through a rescue group, so they’ll post in these Facebook groups.

That’s where you can step in and offer your home!

Just watch out for scammers.

adopt a golden retriever south carolina

The final way to find a Golden who needs to be rescued is to get involved with your local Golden Retriever clubs.

This is another long shot, but the members may have an inside scoop on where you can find a Golden who needs a new home.

The more Golden lovers you know, the more likely you’ll find your own Golden.

And speaking of Golden Retriever clubs…

Golden Retriever Clubs In South Carolina

Not only can Golden Retriever clubs help you potentially find a new dog, but they can be great resources for when you bring your pup home.

Here are just a few ways they can help:

  • You can participate in dog sports and other activities to socialize and exercise your dog
  • You can get advice and tips from experienced Golden Retriever owners
  • You can get referrals for services like vets, groomers, and doggy daycares
  • And much more

The Golden Retriever club in South Carolina is the Sandlapper Golden Retriever Club, based out of Greenville.

Golden Retriever Resources & Tips

If you’re still trying to decide if a golden retriever is the right dog for you, or if you want to learn more about the breed, check out these articles:

Here’s a list of everything you need for a Golden Retriever, and you can click here for a list of Golden Retriever rescues in every state.


south carolina golden retriever rescue

Adopting a Golden Retriever is one of the best things you can do to boost your happiness and adventure in life.

To find a rescue Golden, check your local rescue groups, animal shelters, and Facebook groups.

Have you rescued a golden before?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you want to learn more about whether or not a golden retriever is right for you, take this quiz!

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